Technical Training

Aplus is an Approved Training Organization

Aplus Technical Training Center or ATTC is approved by the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines or CAAP as an Approved Training Organization since 2014. All of ATTC programs are also approved by CAAP and to assure that we provide high quality training for every aviation professionals.

Our programs are designed to fit AOCs, AMOs, and ATOs in the Philippines and internationally.

Aircraft Maintenance Training

LEVEL 1: ATTC can perform aircraft general familiarization course to these aircraft types:

  • ATR42/72
  • A320
  • A330
  • B737

LEVEL 2: Aircraft line maintenance and servicing course is also available for the same aircraft types

LEVEL 3: Similarly, ATTC is approved to provide type rating, engine differences, and refresher training for the following aircraft with their corresponding engine types:

  • ATR42/72 – PW100
  • A320/321 – V2500 / CFM56
  • A320Neo/321Neo – PW1100G / CFMLeap1A
  • A330/330Neo – Trent 700/7000
  • B737NG – CFM56

LEVEL 4: ATTC can also provide component maintenance training such as for borescope inspection, and non-destructive testing on wheels, brakes, cabin, and structures.

LEVEL 5: Engine ground run (EGR) training is also being provided.

Skills Training

Hands on approach on the basic principles and application of Basic Practical and Mechanical Skills

  • Safety Wiring
  • Torquing
  • Sealing
  • Plumbing
  • Retaining Devices
  • Sheet Metal
  • Grease Application

The training also aids to identify the proper tools, equipment, and consumables needed to safely perform the tasks.

Cadetship Program

The program was designed in such a way that it can help next-generation aviation professionals be ready for their transition to industry-certified individuals.

The program will cover the following:

  • Aviation General Practices / Regulations
  • Aviation Basic Competencies
  • Practical Skills Training
  • Aircraft Specialized Courses
  • Facility /Aircraft immersion

The courses are designed to guarantee the continuity of their understanding, and engagement with the processes involved.

Aplus Cadetship for Excellence (ACE), A year-long program that focuses on building a strong foundation for future aircraft mechanics. It focuses on both theoretical and practical training as well as an enhanced on-the-job experience from seasoned and certified trainers in the MRO business.

Other Aviation Training

We offer a diverse range of aviation training programs designed to help you expand your expertise and excel in your career.

  • Fundamentals of Safety Management System
  • Human Factor and Error Management
  • Philippine Civil Aviation Regulation
  • Quality Management System
  • Aircraft Arrival and Dispatch
  • Aviation Ni-Cd Battery Maintenance Training
  • Basic Ground Support Equipment Familiarization
  • Ramp Safety Course
  • Tools and Equipment Standard Practices
  • Aviation 5S

Maintenance Training Devices for Airbus

Maintenance Training Device is a tool to put the virtual aircraft inside the classroom, an ideal solution for a deep understanding of aircraft systems and troubleshooting training for both students and instructors without compromising the safety of the aircraft.

Designed to introduce, learn and master the design of the MTD is based on:

  • The simulation of A/C systems and avionics equipment
  • Specific solutions to fulfill each particular set of objectives mainly troubleshooting, functional test, and others
  • The capability to launch, on user request, additional A320/A330 applications (using icons) without stopping the MTD
  • Simulation linked with a 3D Virtual Aircraft application

Skills Training Facility

The Skills Training Facility provides a hands-on learning experience for both basic and advance skills needed for aircraft maintenance.

ATTC has the following set of skills training equipment:

  • Avionics trainer
  • Fittings and fluid line training set
  • Tubing and piping trainer
  • Aircraft wire and cable trainer
  • Pneumatic trainer
  • Safety wiring training set
  • Riveting training set
  • Hydraulic system main unit
  • Advance turbine fuel system trainer

Virtual Reality (VR)

Virtual Reality Training or VR Training is a tool to put the students into a virtual aircraft and scenario simulation, an ideal solution for a deep understanding of actual aircraft maintenance procedures without compromising the safety of the students and the aircraft.

  • Simultaneous on-screen and VR visualization
  • Training mode with visual and audio tips
  • Exam mode with generated reports
  • Different weather conditions
  • Different lighting conditions
  • Different aircraft types
  • Hazardous events simulation
  • Realistic simulation of the consequences of the trainee mistakes

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