Aplus has successfully accomplished Cebu Pacific’s A330 RP-C3900 flaps replacement.

Cebu Pacific, Asia’s oldest low-cost airline, has remarkable flight performance through its different aircraft types. Its A330 aircraft is a game-changer in the aviation industry and has become one of the airline’s flagship models, offering comfort and convenience to passengers while optimizing operational costs due to its efficiency and versatility. 

Since flap replacing is crucial in maintaining the optimal performance of an aircraft, Cebu Pacific through the aid of Aviation Partnership Philippines (Aplus), has successfully accomplished the flaps replacement of the airline’s A330 RP- C3900 aircraft last June 24, 2023, in a total turn-around-time of 24 hours. A testament that Cebu Pacific’s safety and quality requirements in its maintenance remain a top priority.

Dedicated to go beyond excellence in maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) services, Aviation Partnership Philippines utilizes its operational capacity to guarantee the peak performance and safety standards of its customers. Like any other maintenance procedure, challenges in flap replacement are involved and experienced, requiring skilled technicians to possess extensive knowledge about the intricacies of magnificent machines. Proactive and regular maintenance, including scheduled flap inspections, ensures the longevity and reliability of the flaps in Cebu Pacific’s A330 fleet, and Aplus’ mechanics are trained in inspections and scheduled maintenance to help identify and address the issues promptly.

The successful procedure of Cebu Pacific’s A330 aircraft through the Philippines’ biggest line maintenance provider, Aplus, had been one of the successful highlights of both institutions, and behind this is a team of highly trained and certified maintenance personnel. In Cebu Pacific’s ongoing journey of upgrading its aircraft fleet, Aviation Partnership Philippines is committed to a proper functioning service adhering to quality assurance measures and investing to provide the best service to its customer. 

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About Aplus

Aplus is a leading line maintenance provider with operations at key locations across the Philippines, including Manila (MNL), Cebu (CEB), Clark (CRK), Davao (DVO), Iloilo (ILO), Bohol-Panglao (TAG), Kalibo (KLO), Puerto Princesa (PPS), and Boracay (MPH). With a commitment to excellence, advanced MRO capabilities, and personalized customer service, Aplus aims to deliver high-quality maintenance solutions that ensure the safety and satisfaction of its partners.