Aplus Aircraft Line Maintenance Facility launched in Puerto Princesa Strengthening Maintenance Capabilities for Cebu Pacific Air

Aplus Aircraft Line Maintenance Facility launched in Puerto Princesa Strengthening Maintenance Capabilities for Cebu Pacific Air

Puerto Princesa International Airport, Philippines – Aviation Partnership Philippines (Aplus), a renowned Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO) company in the Philippines, has successfully launched its new facility in the tourist captivating destination of Palawan on December 28, 2022. This development is set to enhance the region’s maintenance capabilities and provide efficient solutions for the aviation industry. Notably, Aplus has secured Cebu Pacific and Tigerair Taiwan as key customers, solidifying its position as a trusted MRO service provider for major airlines.

The Aplus Line Maintenance station in Puerto Princesa signifies a significant step towards meeting the increasing demand for reliable maintenance services in the area. The facility will provide a wide range of specialized aircraft line maintenance solutions to meet the diverse needs of airlines flying to Puerto Princesa. 

The establishment of the Aplus Aircraft Line Maintenance Facility in Puerto Princesa expected to have a positive impact on the local economy. The new line maintenance station will create job opportunities for skilled aircraft mechanics and professionals in the aviation industry, contributing to employment growth and skill development. 

Aplus invites airlines operating at Puerto Princesa International Airport to experience the unparalleled line maintenance services it offers. With a focus on excellence, advanced MRO capabilities, and a commitment to customer satisfaction, Aplus aims to revolutionize the maintenance landscape at PPS. For airlines seeking a trusted partner to ensure the safety, reliability, and success of their operations, Aplus is the ultimate choice.

For more information or to engage Aplus’ line maintenance services at Puerto Princesa International Airport, contact their Sales team at now. Discover how Aplus can unlock the full potential of your airline operations while providing a seamless and exceptional experience for you and your passengers.

About Aplus

Aplus is a leading line maintenance provider with operations at key locations across the Philippines, including Puerto Princesa (PPS), Clark (CRK), Manila (MNL), Cebu (CEB), Iloilo (ILO), Boracay (MPH), Bohol-Panglao (TAG), Kalibo (KLO), and Davao (DVO). With a commitment to excellence, advanced MRO capabilities, and personalized customer service, Aplus aims to deliver high-quality maintenance solutions that ensure the safety and satisfaction of its partners.